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Springboard Course Delivery FAQs 2022 – Online | GBS

Posted 25 November

At Galway Business School we provide a selection of comprehensive Springboard courses online. These include:

How is our Springboard training course delivered? To find out all you need to know about obtaining a Springboard certificate, how our classes work and the teaching methods we use, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions so you can plan your next steps.

You can also check the official Springboard course guidance pages if you need more information on the courses we offer, what the Springboard Ireland scheme is, and if you are eligible to apply or qualify for the Springboard programme.

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Are the courses delivered online or do I have to attend class?

These courses are delivered online in the evenings, on a part-time basis.

Classes will start at 18.30 in the evening and they will last about 2 to 4 hours per week, depending on the chosen course. 

You may also be required to attend one Saturday on a workshop masterclass that would complement the subjects followed.

The timetable will be handed out to all students at the beginning of the semester.

Are these programmes on a full or part time basis?

Our Springboard programmes are delivered on a part time basis to facilitate a flexible learning approach.

How many hours per week are the courses?

Depending on the Springboard course, the hours will range from one to six hours per week over one or two evenings.


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How long is the course?

The courses are 13 to 18 weeks long, which equates to one academic semester. You will actually have classes for twelve weeks, while the rest of the weeks will be comprised of induction, revision, self-study and exams.

How are the online classes delivered?

All classes are delivered through our E-learning platform Moodle which is integrated with the Zoom platform. Don’t worry about this if it sounds unfamiliar to you. See the Studying your Springboard course online section below for more about our online delivery of Springboard programmes.

What times are the classes held? What is the timetable?

Our classes take place in the evenings, and are timetabled from 18.30 to 21.00. Depending on the course you choose, you will study one of the weekday evenings – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (but not on a Friday). Timetables will be finalised in the prior to commencement of the programme and you’ll be informed by email of your selected Springboard course timetable.

All classes will take place online, so you will be studying from the comfort of your own home without needing to commute to our school campus.

Springboard Courses at Galway Business School

Can I record the classes so I can look back on them if I don’t understand something?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to record classes. However you will have full access to all the materials and resources online to assist you and support you in your learning. Your Galway Business School lecturer will also deliver a revision class ahead of examinations.

GBS offers a range of supports for learners, including:

  • An induction programme to Galway Business School
  • Student handbook and module guides
  • On-going workshops & seminars
  • Library and learning resources available at Galway Business School
  • Academic writing guides and tutorials
  • Access to teaching and learning support services
  • Virtual learning environment (Moodle) and Turnitin
  • Pastoral support as required over the period of study

I haven’t studied in a long time, will I manage the course OK?

The decision to begin or return to education can be overwhelming, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve sat in a classroom!


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Galway Business School staff are here to provide you with all the necessary support. Our lecturers and staff are committed to your learning experience and will guide and support you along the way, so don’t worry!

The student handbook that you’ll receive will give you useful tips on how to study and be efficient with your time and effort.

Is there an exam at the end of a Springboard course? Do I have to go to the school to take the exam?

All our courses will have some sort of examination in place. Some modules will include a written exam format while others will include continuous assessments throughout the semester.

You will have the following possible forms of examinations:

  • Proctored written examination
  • Assessment
  • E-activities

The written exam will take place at the end of your course.

Studying your Springboard course online

Moodle is our online learning space. You have access to learning materials anytime, anywhere, and it creates a space to keep everything together, and provide you with consistent course content and feedback. We find that an organised e-Learning environment can help you to stay organised and save time.

By having your course content on Moodle, we also have the opportunity to offer blended learning, where you can combine face-to-face learning with online learning.

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with Moodle. We’ll be there to help you get started, and make sure you know what you’re doing.

What supports are available to us as part time students?

This is what we’ll provide you with as a part-time student on a Springboard programme

  • Induction programme
  • Daily student support meetings
  • Access to our Moodle E-Learning platform
  • Dedicated time with our academic team

How do I access my notes or assessments if the classes are online?

As a student on the Springboard programme here at Galway Business School, you’ll have access to our E-learning platform Moodle. The learning platform is designed to provide you with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create a personalised learning environments. So everything you need is in there!

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Are the lessons recorded or can I watch the lessons anytime?

The classes are delivered online, face to face in real time so you need to be present online at the time of the classes.

Additionally, you have access to Moodle and all the materials and additional resources which you can work through in your own time, at a pace to suit you.

If you have any different questions, or you’re uncertain in any way, please do get in touch with us. We’re happy to help you. Below you’ll find more FAQs that might answer your questions.

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