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Springboard Founders

Springboard Founders

Springboard 2024 Update

Applications are now open for our Springboard courses 2024.

Springboard+ offers a choice of over 275 government-funded, part-time and intensive conversion courses in higher education from certificate, to degree, to postgraduate level. See www.springboardcourses.ie for full details.

Springboard courses 2024/2025 in Galway - it's time to take the plunge!

The latest Springboard initiative for 2024/2025 means you could soon be upskilling and retraining yourself into a new job or exciting promotion. Best of all, you can study up to three different modules free charge if you’re unemployed, or for a tiny 10% contribution if you’re already working.

Jump straight to the programmes that interest you the most, or keep on reading to find out more about the Springboard course scheme.

All of these Springboard business courses are delivered part-time, last one semester and are QQI accredited

Galway Business School, in conjunction with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) as part of the Springboard+ 2024/25, is offering a number of government funded Springboard part -time programmes.

Springboard+ is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020.

All Galway Business School Springboard+ courses are fully accredited by Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and cover levels 6 and 7 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), to suit applicants with a range of prior qualifications and experience.

Where do our programmes take place?

Galway Business School is located in Salthill, so you’ll be studying not only at one of Ireland’s leading private business colleges, but also in one of most beautiful coastal locations. If we're able to welcome you face-to-face, Salthill is a 3-minute drive from the centre of Galway and has free surface parking along the promenade.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our Springboard business courses at Galway Business School were delivered flexibly through blended or online learning to allow you to study effortlessly regardless of any restrictions on mobility. The teaching model was successful and will continue in the following year, with all Springboard courses to be delivered online, during the evening time.

We have extensive experience of delivering engaging, lively online sessions to people from across the world, so you’ll quickly feel part of the group, even if you’re not in the same room.

What is Springboard?

Springboard is a government initiative aimed to help you gain access to education. 

Springboard provides free higher education courses for people who are unemployed or looking to return to the workforce. 

Springboard is also for people who are already working and wish to upskill. There is no fee for employed applicants for all Level 6 courses, and for Level 7 & 8 courses you only pay 10% of the course fee. 

Find out more: What are Springboard courses?

Keep reading to find out exactly who can apply for a Springboard+ course, but first, here’s a summary of the programmes we have on offer.

The Best Business Springboard courses 2024, here in Galway

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to managing an organisation's most valued assets: the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business.

From €FREE

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Designed with applicable practical skills in mind, the programme uses a combination of theory and practical exercises to provide learners with a digital marketing toolkit they can employ in any industry.

From €Free

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Why study with Springboard?

Firstly, because it’s free. 

All Level 6 modular courses are free for all applicants. 

All Level 7 and 8 modular courses are free or part-funded. You don’t pay for the course if you’re unemployed and you pay only 10% of course fee if you are in employment.

Every Springboard+ course qualifies you in a growing industry sector with a high demand for new qualified workforce such as ICT, Finance, Innovation and Marketing, Human Resource Management and Digital Marketing

What is the purpose of Springboard?

The aim is to help you transition into industries where there are significant employment opportunities.  

Galway Business School's part-time Springboard courses give you the flexibility to continue pursuing your work endeavours as you expand opportunities with practical new skills. 

If you are seeking to gain new credentials quickly and qualify for new positions in the workforce, then our Springboard business courses might be just the thing you need. 

These single-semester short certificates will help deepen your understanding of the main areas of business as well as providing new knowledge specific to the Irish and European markets.

How much do Springboard courses cost?

Springboard courses are accessible to everyone, whether unemployed or employed. Most are free. 

All Level 6 Springboard courses are free of charge regardless of your employment status.

Level 7 and 8 courses are free for unemployed applicants. Employed applicants have to pay 10% of the course fee for Level 7 and Level 8 courses.

That means you can apply, whether you’re receiving Social Welfare payments, you’re long-term unemployed, you’re a homemaker looking to return to work, or you’re employed or a recent graduate looking for your first job. You do have to meet certain eligibility and academic entry requirements. More of that below.

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How to qualify for Springboard courses

You are an eligible participant if you are unemployed, a returner, in employment and formerly self-employed. 

Further information on eligibility can be found here https://springboardcourses.ie/eligibility

Eligible applicants must be ordinarily resident in Ireland and must meet the nationality and EU residency rules as aligned to Springboard as detailed here https://springboardcourses.ie/faq

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What level are the Springboard courses 2024 at Galway Business School?

We offer two courses under the Springboard+ initiative at level 6, 7 and 8 certificate programmes that are accredited by QQI. Completion of one of these courses will allow you to meet the academic criteria for future employers in the business sector.

Level 6 Springboard courses (free for all participants):

Certificate in Digital Marketing (Level 6)

Level 7 and level 8 Springboard courses (free for the unemployed, 10% contribution for the employed):

Human Resource Management (Level 7)

Have you read: How to choose which Springboard course is right for you - FAQs?

How many Springboard courses can I take in 2024?

You can take only one Springboard course (one certificate course or one or more modular courses up to 30 ECTS together) in same academic year of Springboard+. If you completed a Springboard course in 2021 or 2022 for example, you may do another Springboard+ course in 2023 if you still meet the eligibility requirements. 

All our Springboard business courses are short-term certificate courses in business communication, management, ICT skills and related areas that last a single semester. There are two semesters during the academic year and one semester usually runs for 18 weeks.

Springboard Funders

Springboard Funders

Why should you study a Springboard course at Galway Business School?

We all have some degree of drive to be successful either in our personal or professional life. Setting and achieving goals and targets is psychologically beneficial and proven to promote personal contentment.

Whatever your reason for wanting to study one of our short certificate courses, there are certainly many benefits. 

GBS Springboard courses are great as an add-on or stand-alone qualification and you have a comprehensive range of career-focused courses in the area of business to choose from.

Whether you’re looking to build on your current interests and enhance your career prospects or you’re looking to venture into new areas of study - a specialized certificate form GBS will help you progress professionally.

Our Springboard business courses provide an ideal opportunity to upskill in your profession and add a recognised qualification to your CV. 

The courses are delivered on a part-time basis so you have a lot of flexibility.

“What I liked most about GBS was the fact that the classes are small… The lecturers were always very supportive and patient with students”. Lisiane Memlak, First-class honours Business graduate at GBS

How to apply

Apply directly to Springboard +.

Complete the application steps on selected course page, or email us at admissions@galwaybusinessschool.ie if you require additional information. 

You will get a reply the same day from our team and your official application will be reviewed within 24 hours by our admission panel.

Next you may be invited for an interview. Educational qualifications, work and life experience, motivation and overall potential to be successful on the programme are considered and evaluated.

We may short-list you for an online interview, depending on the number of applications received.

In conjunction with the RPL policy of Galway Business School (see below information) previous experience will be considered as means of application through a transparent RPL process.

You will be asked to provide the following documents at the application stage: 

  • Complete Application Form
  • Relevant education transcripts 
  • Detailed CV – presenting a working history 
  • Proof of age – Copy of Identification (Passport/Drivers Licence/Birth Certificate)
  • References Details of any training completed Certificates for qualifications, training courses etc. Professional licenses/registrations or membership of professional organisations 
  • Proof of residency - ordinarily resident in an EU/EEA/UK/Swiss state for at least three of the five years preceding entry to the programme.

As part of the application process learners will be asked to attend an informal interview with GBS Academic Staff.


Apply Now

Mature students (23+)

Returning to third level education?

The decision to begin or return to education can be overwhelming, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve sat in a classroom! Galway Business School welcomes applicants from mature students (23+).

A mature applicant is someone who is 23 years or older by January 1st in the year of entry to the programme. There is no upper age limit – we currently have students who range in age from 23 to 56. Every year we welcome approximately 150 new mature students to Galway Business School.

Mature learners who have been out of formal education for some time benefit hugely from Galway Business School’s small class sizes. This allows learners to be given the support and resources to help them to perform well in attaining the required grades.

Mature applicants must have qualifications and experience deemed equivalent by the College’s QQI approved Recognition of Other Learning (ROL) and Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL) policies. Mature students can also be considered on the basis of their previous education, work experience and demonstration of their ability undertake the programme.

Get in touch today

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office directly on (091) 529000 or by email to info@galwaybusinessschool.ie or admissions@galwaybusinessschool.ie.

We're always happy to help.