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Posted 19 September

At Galway Business School we provide a selection of comprehensive Springboard courses online. These include:

Each programme is extremely popular so it’s always a good idea to submit your application for enrolment as soon as possible. Before you apply, if you have any queries about Springboard courses 2022 we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Springboard+ application process.

You can check the official Springboard course guidance pages if you need more information on the courses we offer, what the Springboard Ireland scheme is, and if you are eligible to apply or qualify for the Springboard programme.

On this page: Springboard+ Programme applications - FAQs

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How many courses can I do together? Can I choose more than one course?

You can enrol on multiple offered through the Springboard+, but you can accept only one course.

Can you take a Springboard course if you don't live in Galway? I don’t live in Galway. Can I study only online?

Of course! All Springboard Galway classes are delivered online, on a part time basis to facilitate a flexible learning approach.

How can I apply for these funded programmes?

The application process is simple and straightforward. Applicants must first choose which course they wish to take, and apply via this portal. A member of our admissions team will be contact outlining the documentation that is required.


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How many places are available for funding? When is the deadline for application?

Only 25 funded places are available through the Springboard+ initiative. These places are filling up quickly so early application is advised to avoid disappointment. When these funded places are full, there will be no more additional places available.

When are the Springboard courses starting?

Springboard courses at Galway Business School begin mid- to late-September 2022, and run for one semester (typically eighteen weeks). Our Sales and Marketing and Human Resource Management programmes end in January 2023, while our Digital Marketing course finishes in May 2023.

Applications for all courses need to be submitted by the 3rd of September 2022.

Always check with the team about course availability, as we may run extra dates throughout the year for funded courses.


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When is the deadline to pay my fees, if applicable?

Not everyone has to contribute to the cost of the Springboard programmes, and in many cases these are totally free (see Eligibility FAQs). In order for the application to be complete, all documentation must be provided, together with the signed and dated acceptance letter, and payment of any applicable fees. But don’t worry, you will know clearly the moment you need to pay.

As mentioned, these courses are extremely popular and fill up quickly – places are limited so prompt application and payment is a must.

 Can I apply online?

Applying online is quick and easy. All applications are now submitted via the Springboard Portal, but please remember that you can always contact Galway Business School for assistance or for any queries at info@galwaybusinessschool.ie

We’re always happy to help you. Below you’ll find more FAQs that might answer your questions.

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