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The Sales and Marketing Certificate programme is a practical course that equips you with the necessary skills, tools and techniques to advance your professional and personal career through an improved understanding of the role marketing, sales and communications can play - particularly in a post-Covid world in which the behaviours of consumers have changed almost beyond recognition. 

You will explore core sales, marketing and communications concepts, methods and perspectives to reflect the full role of sales and marketing, and communications in the current business environment.

  • Duration

    One Semester

  • Next Start Date

    15 January 2024

  • ECTS

    30 ECTS

  • Accrediting Body

    Quality and Qualifications Ireland

  • Mode

    Full-time Day
    Part-time Evening

  • Level

    National Framework of Qualifications Level 6

  • Assessment

    Continuous Assessment & Exam

  • Minimum English Level

    IELTS Level 6.0 or equivalent

EU Part-time  FeesEU  Full-time FeesInternational Fees
€2,100 €2,500€3,250
“Don’t even think about it, do the course & do it with GBS, they were brilliant to deal with in every way.” Julie-Anne Collins, Sales and Marketing Certificate course participant

Sales and Marketing Programme overview

"The lecturing standard was very high, and GBS's sales and marketing course in Galway was very relevant to my career goals. I really enjoyed the close-knit community, and there was great support from both the other students and college staff." 

Martin Ronan, GBS Graduate

This sales and marketing short course lasts for a semester. There are three distinct elements on sales, marketing and communications. By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the basic principles of sales and marketing to your own work situation
  • Develop unique sales and marketing strategies and plans to help your organisation adapt and change to the new normal 
  • Use your new-found communication skills externally for customer engagement and internally to unite your organisation around a plan
  • Motivate, coach and support a sales team and direct them towards better sales growth and conversion 

With small class size, you will have lots of opportunity to network with other business professionals from Galway and across Ireland. 

Who is the Certificate in Sales and Marketing for?

We appreciate that there are many different sales marketing courses in Ireland to choose from. What we like about ours is that we include one third of the time looking at communications strategies. Without the ability to connect with potential clients or colleagues, the very best sales and marketing plans fall flat.

We think you'll enjoy our course if:

  • You want to be central in helping your company find new markets or sales opportunities, or new products ans services to come though the current crisis stronger than ever
  • You are generally interested in developing sales and marketing strategies for your company, and you want to learn in a friendly, positive and supportive environment 
  • You're not from a sales and marketing background or function, but you want to make a difference in your workplace and play your part
  • You need to improve your ability to manage sales, marketing and communications functions
  • You want to improve your career and job prospects either within your company, or as part of a plan to skill up ready for a new opportunity

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"Studying at GBS was a wonderful experience. The small interactive class structure enables students to learn from one another and to develop invaluable organisational, teamwork and leadership skills". Nicola Conneally, GBS Graduate

Programme Learning Outcomes

This highly practical certificate will enable you to:

  • identify the key concepts of business communications
  • recognise the fundamentals of sales and marketing
  • analyse the processes involved in the development of a marketing strategy
  • distinguish between different concepts such as market segmentation, market targeting and positioning
  • carry out effective market research
  • apply the marketing mix concept to real business situations
  • develop and manage strategic sales and marketing plans
  • communicate those plans effectively within the business environment

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Sales & Marketing Course Description

This semester course consists of three modules, each one earning you 10 ECTS points (i.e a total of 30 ECTS).

Business Communications (10 ECTS)

The objective of this module is to offer practical and theoretical communication skills which are of significant use in business environments and are highly transferable to all aspects of your life.

Focus on targeting strategies and how to formulate them

Business writing & planning

Managing the product mix

Effective communication

Introduction to Marketing (10 ECTS)

If you haven’t formally studied marketing before, this module will introduce you to the key marketing concepts and their application.

Marketing Research

Marketing Planning

Channels of Distribution

Brand Management  

Sales Management (10 ECTS)

This module prepares you for any selling situation. You will understand the importance of scanning the environments of the organisation in-order to keep abreast of changes and adapt if necessary.

Sales force design process

Managing groups

Managing sales performance

Sales coaching

Course Structure and Award

This certificate will be delivered over a semester (18 weeks, including exams).

On completion you will receive a QQI Certificate in Business Communications at level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Career options & Progression Routes 

Upon completing this certificate, you can progress on to a career in dealing with various business communication channels in a SME or a multinational organisation and a range of roles in sales and marketing. 

Students who would like to further their academic career can choose to continue their studies through our Bachelor of Business degree and would be exempted from the modules completed within their certificate.  

Entry Requirements

Students are required to have a Leaving Certificate 5 passes or High School Diploma equivalent and are required to have an English Language qualification at CEFR B2 or above.

English language classes at the start of the programme are obligatory for non-native speakers.

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Do I actually need a sales and marketing course in Ireland?

If sales and marketing courses never appealed to you in the past, it’s time to rethink. There has never been a time in recent history where it has been more important than now to really understand marketing and sales. In a post-Covid world, no business can take for granted that their past customers will be buying from them in the future. As in every country, Ireland has been deeply affected. There has been a seismic shift in customer buying behaviours, attitudes to demand, and with so much time to stop and think, entire attitudes to sales and marketing techniques have changed.

If you’ve been putting off taking a sales and marketing short course, now is the time to go for it. And if you don’t think sales and marketing is really relevant to your job, the chances are, it probably is. Especially now.

Next Steps

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