Short certificate courses in Galway, Ireland

Short certificate courses 

At Galway Business School you have the choice of short business QQI certificate programmes - covering a wide range of subject areas including entrepreneurship, human resource management, business communications, sales and marketing and data analytics.

Galway Business School is located in Salthill, so you’ll be studying not only at one of Ireland’s leading private business colleges, but also in one of most beautiful coastal locations.

Our semester-long certificate programmes are accredited by QQI and on completion, you’ll receive a QQI Certificate at level 6 or 7 on the National Framework of Qualifications and the associated ECTS (European Credit Transfer Scheme).

What are short certificate courses?

These are short-term certificate courses in management and related areas that last a single semester.

 There are two semesters during the academic year and one semester usually runs for 18 weeks.The programmes are designed for undergraduate students of international business or related areas.

These single-semester short certificates will help deepen your understanding of the main areas of business as well as providing new knowledge specific to the Irish and European markets.



Certificate in Business & Entrepreneurship

Certificate in Business & Entrepreneurship

This certificate will be delivered over a semester and you will study the following modules: Contemporary Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

From €1,480

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Certificate in Business Communications

Certificate in Business Communications

You will study the key concepts of business communications over two modules: Business Communications and Introduction to Marketing.

From €1,480

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Certificate in Sales and Marketing

Certificate in Sales and Marketing

During this short-certificate course, you will learn how to develop and manage strategic sales and marketing plans. The modules are Business Communications, Sales Management and Introduction to Marketing.

From €2,100

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Certificate in Strategic Management

Certificate in Strategic Management

You will learn about key strategic management functions and their importance in the decision making process.

From €870

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Business Data Analysis

Business Data Analysis

This short semester course will enhance your ability to apply data analysis in a business environment.

From €950

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Reasons to study a short certificate programme

Career progression

You might notice that an interested and involved employee will stand out when it comes to promotion or financial rewarding in a job setting. When you actively take steps to develop and enhance your skills, you increase your chance to be noticed and awarded for your efforts. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rise, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work.

Career change 

Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge at work and wish to explore another area of interest. Committing to a semester study won’t jeopardise your current job, but it’s a great way to start exploring new possibilities, and networking with peers might offer you helpful industry insights.


The human brain is hardwired to be constantly learning new things. To remain competitive in the working arena, upskilling and keeping up to date with industry practice is crucial.

Sense of achievement 

We all have some degree of drive to be successful either in our personal or professional life. Setting and achieving goals and targets is psychologically beneficial and proven to promote personal contentment.

Whatever your reason for wanting to study one of our short certificate courses, there are certainly many benefits. 

If you wish to read in more detail about a specific business certificate, click on the following links.

Why study abroad in Ireland?

Studying abroad as part of your degree is highly rewarding – you’ll improve your language skills, learn to appreciate other cultures and develop different perspectives on your course of study. Studying abroad is a great way to see the world and enhances your employment prospects after you graduate.

Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world and an internationally renowned reputation for academic quality. Ireland is a safe and open-minded country to live in and ranks consistently in the world’s top 20 countries for quality of life, peace and human development. It’s also a young country, with a third of the population under 25 years old. 

Ireland is where some of the world’s biggest and best companies have located key strategic research facilities and headquarters. For students looking to find employment or work experience with huge international businesses, Ireland offers almost unrivalled options relative to its size. The likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google, Apple and Dell all have offices here and often look to the universities here for potential new employees.

Ireland is close to major European capitals and just a short flight away, so you can easily explore the rest of Europe while you’re here.

Ireland is abundant in history and culture – it’s a country full of museums, cathedrals, parks and monuments, and it’s renowned for its contribution to arts, literature, film and music. Galway has also been selected this year as the European Capital of Culture 2020, so it’s the best possible time to come and enjoy the largest cultural event held in the country, with an array of festivities and artistic proceedings giving international students the opportunity to volunteer for various events while experiencing the strength and vibrancy of Galway’s culture and creativity.

Famous companies based in Galway

Who are the short certificate courses for?

The GBS short certificate programmes are designed for undergraduate students of international business or related areas. They’re also ideal for international students looking to study abroad for a semester and receive accreditation for their course, and for EU students looking to study for a semester in another European country.

Are you trying to decide where to go to college? And, what’s more, what to study?

You can begin your undergraduate learning journey by trying one of the short certificate courses on offer from Galway Business School.

GBS short certificate courses are great as an add-on or stand-alone qualification and you have a comprehensive range of career-focused courses in the area of business to choose from.

Whether you’re looking to build on your current interests and enhance your career prospects or you’re looking to venture into new areas of study - a professional certificate form GBS will help you progress professionally.

If you’ve had a gap in your education, or you’d like to come back to studying, though our certificate programmes we offer flexible short courses in various business subjects for your professional development.

The GBS certificates provide an ideal opportunity to upskill in your profession and add a recognised qualification to your CV. The programmes are delivered both on a part-time (to accommodate those with busy work schedules) and full-time basis.

How to apply

For full details on our admission process and entry requirements please refer to the Undergraduate Admissions Office web page. 

If you require additional information please contact us at

Certificate in Business & Entrepreneurship (20 ECTS)

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Certificate in Business Communications (20 ECTS)

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Certificate in Sales and Marketing (30 ECTS)

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Certificate in Strategic Management (10 ECTS)

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Business Data Analysis (10 ECTS)

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All our certificate programmes are validated by QQI, and learners get ECTS (European Credits) upon successful completion of the programmes.

All our business short certificates are available on both a part-time and full-time study mode.

Student Application Process

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