Residential Accommodation

Residential accommodation

Residential accommodation offers students a more independent option than living with a host family. All our residential accommodation is modern, bright and situated in great locations around Galway City. Each residence is chosen to ensure students are in close proximity to the school, so getting to lecturers is just a walk or a short bus journey away.

You will be sharing accommodation with other international students from the school and will have a chance to practice you English, share you culture and learn from each other. You will be able to use all the facilities at the residence, cook for yourself, invite friends over for a visit but all guests are required to leave the residence by 23.00.

It is important for you and your housemates that you treat each other with respect and adhere to the house rules. In this way you can ensure that everyone has the best experience possible during their stay.

English must be spoken at all times.

The  key  rules that you need to follow are:

  1. All students staying in residential accommodation are required to pay a refundable deposit of €150.00. This must be paid before arrival or on the first Monday in the school. Payment must be made by credit card or bank transfer.
  2. Your stays at residential accommodation runs from a Saturday to Saturday only, additional nights are not possible. Check in is at 16.00 and you must check out by 10.00.
  3. Any breakages or problems with your accommodation must be reported to the GBS team immediately in order for us to fix it.
  4. The city of Galway operates a strict recycling policy; please follow the directions for recycling that can be found in your residence.
  5. Bicycles cannot be kept inside the residence; there is space at the side of house where they can be parked.
  6. All students will be provided with one set of bed linen for their stay at the residence - 1 pillow slip, 1 sheet and 1 duvet cover. Towels are not provided.
  7. During your stay at the residence parties or loud music is strictly forbidden. There is a no noise policy between 00.00 midnight and 07.00.

It is important to note that GBS staff check the residence on a regular basis. Failure to abide by the Rules and Regulations will mean you will lose your deposit or part thereof and you will be liable to vacate the residence

Residential Accommodation

Residential Accommodation