Assessment Methods

GBS Assessment Methods

At the Galway Business School we use a wide range of assessments methods to test our students throughout their course. These include a whole range of assessment instruments to measure learner performance and gain an insight into their knowledge, skills, and competences, and are drawn from the following range of assessment modes:

  • Written Essays or Assignments
  • Examination papers (closed and open book)
  • Digital Research (Primary and Secondary)
  • Individual and Group Projects
  • Case Study Analysis, including Virtual Games
  • Direct observation, question and answer sessions, debates and discussions
  • Role-plays and simulations
  • Learner journals and logs
  • Presentations
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Structured practical assessments
  • Online exercises, including MCQs, quizzes, discussion forums, wikis, blogs, Smartisms
  • Self-assessment (which may be conducted on-line)
  • Self-evaluation
  • Capstone Project