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What are Springboard courses?

Posted 12 November

Galway Business School in conjunction with the Higher Education Authority(HEA) as part of the Springboard+ 2020/21 July Stimulus Provision, is offering a number of government funded Springboard+ part -time programmes.

GBS is pleased to offer 180 FREE and subsidized places on 12 new modular skills courses covering a range of business subjects to people whose livelihoods have been impacted by Covid-19.
GBS applied and received the HEA funding under the Jobs Stimulus package to deliver these courses which will commence February 2021.

What is Springboard+?

Many of us have heard of Springboard courses by now, they are government-funded places on Higher education courses, but who are they for specifically, who’s eligible and what kind of courses are on offer?

Springboard courses are essentially aimed at helping you transition into industries where there are significant employment opportunities. In this blog we will give you an overview of the Springboard most asked questions and hopefully get you started on the road to upskilling for your return to work or furthering your future success in your chosen career. 

Who are the courses for?

You may well, like many others, have found yourself out of work due to the pandemic or looking to change career paths – these courses offer a really great option for individuals who are now looking to upskill, improve their knowledge and prepare for the future. The 2020 Springboard programme will focus on providing relevant skills for those affected by the COVID-19 public health emergency. Courses will mostly be delivered by blended learning - mixing online and in-class learning or online and distance learning.

These courses are an excellent stepping stone to further qualifications. Our courses are highly practical & accessible with a strong job market focus. Your classes will provide a practical grounding in the subject area, facilitating upskilling and the possibility of progressing onto another course with a higher qualification.

Who can apply and what are the course costs?

Anyone residing in Ireland can apply. Applicants who are normally resident in Ireland should also meet the nationality and EU residency rules. Springboard offers more details around eligibility here

Springboard+ is an upskilling initiative and invites applications from the following categories:

  • Returners
  • Employed
  • Unemployed or formerly self-employed (including those on a Pandemic Unemployment Payment)

In terms of course fees, Springboard offers both free and subsidised courses at a variety of levels. There is a range of part-time courses from certificate to master's degree levels - levels 6 to 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)

  • If you are taking a Level 6 programme there are no course fees. All Level 6 programmes are free to all participants.
  • If you're unemployed and/or in receipt of various social welfare, all Springboard courses are free for you regardless of NFQ level.
  • If you're currently employed, you only pay a 10% course fee contribution applicable for for Level 7, 8, and 9 courses. This is payable directly to the provider.

Springboard have eligibility criteria relating to Nationality and Residency which must be met at the time of course commencement please see Am I Eligible? for more details.

What Springboard+ options do Galway Business School offer?

All GBS Springboard+ courses are fully accredited by Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and cover levels 6, 7 and 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), to suit applicants with a range of prior qualifications and experience.

All our Springboard courses are delivered part-time, in the evening and last for one semester. There are limited place available so advanced booking is highly recommended.

Galway Business School offers the following Springboard-funded courses. 

NFQ Level 6 courses:

How do I apply for my Galway Business School Springboard+ course?

For more information on any of the above GBS Springboard courses, you can contact our GBS team on 091 529 000 or email info@galwaybusinessschool.ie. All applications for these courses are made directly with Galway Business School.

1. Register

2. Complete application form

3. Apply

The first step is to contact us and we will take from there. Our staff will provide you with all the support needed. We are happy to offer any extra support required on completing your application.

If you are currently in receipt of a social welfare payment adn wish to apply for a level 7 or 8 course, you should notify your local Social Welfare Branch Office and check what further steps (if any) you need to take.

GBS Springboard Application Form


I was on a MOMENTUM course previously. Am I eligible to apply for a Springboard+ course?

Yes, as long as you fulfil the eligibility requirements and have successfully completed your MOMENTUM course.

What happens if I get a job offer while participating on a Springboard+ course?

You should take the job. 

Galway Business School will support your efforts in finishing the course with as much flexibility as possible. The course is delivered part-time during evening, so you will be able to complete your course during evenings without loosing out on any job opportunity.

Will I need to commit full time to my GBS Springboard course?

With Galway Business School your course is part-time. You’ll have classes two evenings per week or less, depending on the course chosen.

Although the academic semester lasts 18 weeks, the actual contact weeks are 12 weeks (class time) and the rest of the weeks include revision weeks, exam weeks, mid term break etc.

Here at GBS we pride ourselves on the high level of student support we offer, our expertise in the area of business and high retention and success rates. We use a tailored e-learning platform which provides course participants with easy access to support resources and materials throughout their courses.

Reasons to study a Springboard course at GBS

Skills for the job market

Position yourself to succeed in the ‘new normal’. COVID-19 has now highlighted the importance of reskilling or upskilling and how critical it is to prepare yourself for the future.


The human brain is hardwired to be constantly learning new things. To remain competitive in the working arena, upskilling and keeping up to date with industry practice is crucial.

Career progression

When you actively take steps to develop and enhance your skills, you increase your chance to be noticed and awarded for your efforts.

Career change 

Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge at work and wish to explore another area of interest. Committing to a semester study won’t jeopardise your current job, but it’s a great way to start exploring new possibilities, and networking with peers might offer you helpful industry insights.

Still unsure if you are eligible?

Email your CV to info@galwaybusinessschool.ie  along with the answers to the following questions:

1.     Are you currently in employment or unemployed?

2.     Are you receiving a social welfare payment, if so which payment or are you signing for credits?

3.     Where do you live?

4.     Have you been a resident in Ireland 3 out of the last 5 years?

5.     Have you taken a Springboard course before?

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