Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management Programme

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Enterprise Management programme prepares learners to be the emerging leaders of the future developing key skills including an ability to think and work creatively and innovatively, manage effectively and build relationships with customers and peers to meet and solve future business challenges.

The degree programme is awarded by the Galway Business School on behalf of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI).

Who is the Enterprise Management Degree for?

The degree program focuses on equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage various aspects of a business enterprise. Participation in the programme can accelerate careers giving life skills and professional skills that will deliver for the learner.

You will develop a range of transversal skills that will allow you to deliver practical solutions to problems taking into account the implications of such management decisions on all aspects of the organization and ensure business success. These include:

  • Skills in communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • IT skills
  • Creativity skills

During the degree in enterprise management, you will develop an appreciation of all departments in an organisation and the interdependency of each in the success of the enterprise. Graduates will emerge with an appreciation of the customer as the key driver in their organisation’s achievements and will understand the need to leverage technology and digital tools for maximum value.

Adult learners have been a growing presence in Galway Business School during recent years. If you are looking to fill gaps in your functional literacy across a number of areas of business including processes and systems, product knowledge and technical skills, people and management skills as well as, most importantly for every organisation, customer facing and relationship building skills, than this programme might be just what you’re looking for.

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  • Duration

    4 academic years

  • ECTS

    60 ECTS per year, 240 ECTS over 4 years

  • Next Start Date

    23 September 2024

  • Accrediting Body

    Quality and Qualifications Ireland

  • Mode

    Full-time Day
    Part-time Evening

  • Level

    NFQ Level 8 (National Framework of Qualifications)

  • Assessment

    Continuous Assessment

  • Minimum English Level

    IELTS Level 6.5 or equivalent

What will you learn on the Enterprise Management Programme?

Enterprise management refers to the process of overseeing and directing the activities and resources of an organization to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently.

The purpose of the programme is to provide the learner with exposure to the tasks and challenges facing the modern enterprise manager; those people responsible for the vital function of producing goods and services in any organisation. The goal is to maximise value through customer satisfaction and provide an effective response to changing marketing conditions.

The enterprise management programme is designed to give learners an interdisciplinary perspective on the management of business organisations and a distinctive combination of skills, knowledge and competencies around innovation and enterprise.

How is the Enterprise Management Degree structured?

The programme will see learners undertake 240 ECTS over 4 years (8 semesters). Each semester is made up of 18 contact weeks for both full-time and part-time learners. Modules are either 5 ECTS or 10 ECTS.

In Stage 1 of the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Enterprise Management, learners will focus on the transition to third level education. Learners will be exposed and given the tools and techniques that will enable them to undergo a programme at this level. Modules including Learn to Learn will focus on the skills of self-directed learning including time management and study skills.

In Stage 2, learners will build and develop on the skills that have been acquired in Stage 1. This stage will probe more deeply into a wider range of business concepts and theories.

In Stage 3, learners will develop their analytical and critical thinking skills to enable them to apply the theories they have studies to practical enterprise settings. 

This stage will equip learners with the necessary skills to be able to progress to stage 4. Several modules such as Strategic Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Digital Business Transformation, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, and International Marketing Management ensure learners transition successfully into Enterprise Management specialisations.

In Stage 4, learners develop their analytical and critical thinking skills to enable them to apply the theories they have studied to practical Enterprise Management contexts like Innovation and New Enterprise Development, Leadership and Change and Advanced Project Management. 

This stage will equip learners with the necessary skills to be able or move into an appropriate workplace environment or to progress to further study at the postgraduate level.

Enterprise Management Course Objectives

The purpose of the programme is to provide the learner with exposure to the tasks and challenges facing the modern enterprise manager; those people responsible for the vital function of producing goods and services in any organisation and who are seeking to transition into leadership roles. The goal is to maximise value through customer satisfaction and provide an effective response to changing marketing conditions.

Organisations are now focusing more on the operations function than ever before. To gain a working knowledge of the techniques, approaches and skills required to balance supply with anticipated demand, manage quality, plan for capacity, and develop and implement short and long-range plans for improving productivity and competitiveness are attributes of programme which the graduate will acquire.

Enterprise Management Course Content

The Enterprise Management programme is designed to offer learners valuable practical experience and hands-on application of the knowledge and skills they have learnt to industry. In addition, the programme is designed to enable learners to have the necessary academic skills to prepare them for progression to further study at postgraduate level.

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to Marketing
Computer Applications
Introduction to Business & Management
Business Communications
Learn to Learn
Principles of Economics
Quantitative Methods
Financial Accounting
Business Information Systems
Contemporary Global Business
Supply Chain Management
Academic & Professional Skills
Digital Research
Business Law
Financial Management
International Marketing Management
Human Resources Management
Strategic Management
Operations Management
Training & Development
Digital Business Transformation
Project Management
Innovation & New Enterprise Development
Leadership & Change
Global Supply Chain Management
Global Strategy
Enterprise Research Project
Business Ethics
Advanced Project Management
Total Quality Management (E)
Strategic Information Systems (E)

Delivery Modes

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Enterprise Management is a four-year (240 ECTS) full-time / parttime programme to develop knowledge and skills in the area of Enterprise Management that are lacking in the current labour market.

Full-time lectures are face to face and delivered in our campus in Salthill, usually Monday to Thursday. As a full-time student, you will study over four days during the week with classes usually starting at noontime. You will benefit from blended learning which incorporates both Face-to-Face lectures and online activities.

Part-time lectures are delivered twice a week, face to face on Tuesdays in our campus in Salthill and online live lectures on Thursdays. If you’re already living and working in Ireland, in the Galway area, you can study through our evening programme.

The huge advantage of this comprehensive degree programme is that you can work through the modules of the degree in the way that best suits your personal circumstances.

Enterprise Management Degree Assessments

You will be assessed using a combination of continuous assessments including e-activities, presentations and group work, final examinations, and an Enterprise Research Project in the final stage.

Continuous assessment can include:

  • Written examinations
  • Individual or group projects
  • Mock interviews
  • Presentations

Academic Career & Progression Routes

Enterprise management is essential for ensuring that an organization operates efficiently, adapts to changes in its environment, and remains competitive in its industry. It requires a combination of leadership skills, strategic thinking, and operational expertise. Enterprise offers a fast-paced environment that is target driven. If you have a dream of running your own business, this might the degree for you. An Enterprise Manager plays a significant role in steering the strategic direction and growth of a company’s large-scale operations. An enterprise general manager ensures that the organization remains competitive and responsive to market changes. Their leadership is instrumental in guiding teams through the complexities of the business landscape.

As a graduate, you will be sought after by a wide range of employers, from multinational companies to small and medium sized local companies. Successful graduates of this programme may choose from a range of postgraduate options as well as entry to a range of MA and MBA programmes in Ireland and abroad.

MSc in Strategy, Innovation and People Management, NUI Galway

MSc in International Management, NUI Galway

MSc in Supply Chain Management, UCD Dublin

MSc in Strategic Management & Planning, UCD Dublin

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What additional resources are available?

All our students have use of the GBS campus facilities. These include:

  • A campus with spectacular views of the ocean
  • Access to our robust learning platform (Moodle)
  • Technology-enhanced classrooms
  • School cafeteria
  • Additional services including accommodation, social programme, airport transfers, and more

Students have access to on-site library and also online reading resources.

The teaching methodology will be largely lectures. Lectures will be used to efficiently communicate concrete concepts and theories, as well as the core content of each module. These are complemented by a variety of learning activities such as:

  • Computer Based Learning - Computer Based Learning will be a feature of the whole programme but will be the main method used in the practical use of IT software in a business context in Modules such as Computer Applications, Business Information Systems, Qualitative Methods
  • Group Discussions - . Group sessions and open discussions familiarise learners with speaking in public and encourages networking among classmates
  • Case Studies - Case studies identify a business problem from a real-life scenario with imperfect data.
  • Workshops - Workshops will involve industry guest speakers to demonstrate various organisational issues and their solutions to prepare learners for challenges in their future employment

Enterprise Management Degree Entry Requirements

The BA (Hons) in Enterprise Management is targeted at multiple learner groups as the programme will run on both a full-time and part-time mode.

  • Direct entry via CAO under the new Common Points Scale for Leaving Certificate 2019, applicants must have a minimum of 2 H5s and 4 O6/H7, or equivalent to include Maths and English or another language; or UK GCE examinations)
  • Mature learners (over 23). Mature learners will be assessed based on RPEL policy as detailed in GBS’s Quality Assurance Manual. FETAC Level 5 Full Award.
  • International: Leaving Certificate equivalent; B2+ Level of English

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