Business Data Analytics Course Certificate in Galway, Ireland

The programme

Take the next step towards a career in data analysis.

With our Data Analytics for Business Certificate you will learn the key concepts of business data analytics and the fundamentals of data science. 

Over the course of the eight-week programme, you will go through the main concepts associated with data analytics, how decision makers use analytics to solve business problems, and how date analysts support businesses though modelling and communicating analysis to management teams.

  • Duration

    8 weeks

  • Start Dates

    5th October 2020

  • Accrediting Body

    Galway Business School

  • Mode

    Part-time Evening

  • Level

    National Framework of Qualifications Level 6

  • Assessment

    Continuous Assessment & Exam

EU Part-time  Fees

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Why should I study a certificate in Data Analytics?

It's simple. Data has become crucial to every company in every sector in every country.

Whether it’s a Silicon Valley giant like Google or Facebook using big data to develop automated algorithms or a medium-sized business in your hometown looking at product and marketing strategies, data underpins virtually all business activity. 

Demand for data specialists who can effectively manage and analyse data on behalf of businesses has skyrocketed, and opportunities abound for qualified candidates all round the world, on a contract or permanent basis. 

As far as future career choices go, it is as future proof as it gets, and a business data analytics course is the perfect start.

Our course is a comprehensive introduction to data analytics for business - designed to empower you to kick start a fruitful and rewarding career.

You will acquire a range of cutting-edge, practical data-based skills to enable you to prepare and analyse contemporary business problems within your organisation.

You will learn:

    How to deal with and manage Big Data simulations 

    How to apply the techniques to issues of relevance to you and your business. 

    How to develop spreadsheet models using pivot tables 

    How to apply Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) concepts to real business situations

    The basics of Machine Learning through coding in Python and SQL

GBS is a modest gem in the Irish Higher Education System. Initiating the turning point in my professional and personal development, GBS superseded my expectations from day one, with a series of stimulating and relevant modules. Everything from lecturers, class room size to the extensive research and library facilities available facilitated an optimum learning environment. Aoife Kiernan

Who is the certificate in Data Analytics for Business for?

Our business data analytics certification programme is perfect for you if:

  • You are looking to pursue a career in data analysis or data science
  • You are a non-technical manager or executive looking to develop your understanding of and ability to use data analytics
  • You require comprehensive training in data for business and how it can be used to improve business performance and create sustainable business value

Programme learning outcomes

This certificate will provide you with:

  • The ability to understand and solve contemporary business problems within your organisation surrounding the area of Data Analytics
  • The keys concepts of Big Data and techniques on how to successfully manage it
  • The ability to code in programming languages such as Python, SOL and Visual Basic and the rules that govern all programming languages
  • Additional knowledge and skills in Excel so you can use pivot tables and manipulate statistical simulations
  • The skills to use statistical techniques within Data Analytics

Programme content 

In the current global environment, businesses all over the world must reinvent themselves and with the digital economy gaining more and more ground, being able to make decisions informed by data is not optional – it is essential. The programme provides you with the tools you need to put data to work.

Over the eight weeks of the programme, you will study the following modules:

Introduction to data Analytics

Making sense of Big Data  

Statistical Techniques for Data Analytics  

Statistical Simulations in Excel  

Programming in Python/SQL 

Business Data Analytics

Using Pivot tables in Business 

Developing VBA Solutions  

Using VBA to analyse Big Data  

The Business Dashboard 

Course structure and award 

This certificate will be delivered over two evenings every week for eight weeks. 

On completion of the course you will receive a Galway Business School Certificate in Data Analytics for Business.

What to expect 

Our programme provides you with the tools you need to put data to work. It teaches you widely used frameworks of business analytics. You will then implement the functions you have learned through assignments. 

Throughout this learning journey, you will join a diverse group of participants usually professionals from various backgrounds and employments. You will share your perspectives on the issues being discussed with other participants and seek their views.

At Galway Business School, one of Ireland’s leading independent third-level colleges, you’ll find not only an excellent location but also top-class facilities, teachers and programmes.

You can choose a programme structure that suits you:

Full-time courses

Part-time courses

Short certificate courses

Career opportunities and progression routes

Students who complete this course are eligible to enrol on the Advanced Applications Programming and Data Analytics Certificate. 

You will also be ready to apply to other higher education institutions upon successfully completion of the course.  

Business data analytics certification will boost your qualifications to work for a range of job positions across many industries. This certificate  is also a great way to progress in your career as it can help you earn salary increments and job promotions within your organisation.

Entry requirements

This is a direct entry programme and you will be accepted on the programme through a combination of secondary school results and work experience.

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