It's Never Too Late To Keep Learning: Higher Education Studies Properly Explained

Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate courses: it's never too late to keep learning

Posted 25 November

Much like other sectors of the economy, education has its own unique jargon and terminology that can be hard to understand and navigate.

Over the course of this article, we will guide you through the higher education landscape by explaining the basics of higher education and the value of beginning and/or returning to education.

What is an Undergraduate Degree?

An undergraduate degree is the entry level of degree study at a college or university which are usually divided between a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) depending on your degree type. This will be listed on the college/university’s website. Students pursuing an undergraduate degree are usually referred to as undergraduates or simply undergrads.

Undergraduate degrees are much more common than graduate degrees (Masters/Post-Graduate) and are usually either three or four years in duration. At Galway Business School, you can choose an undergraduate degree in business though our main programmes Bachelor of Business (Level 7) and Bachelor of Business (Hons) with International Business (Level 8).

Third Level Qualifications – studying a degree in Ireland

Degrees in Ireland are awarded by either individual Universities or Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) is a system of 10 levels which allows the different standards and levels qualifications to be compared. Third-level qualifications are Levels 6-10 in the Framework.

Galway Business School offers two separate undergraduate programmes where students can begin or continue their studies with business at both level 7 and 8.

It’s Not Too Late! Why You Should Begin/Return To Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela.

The decision to begin or return to education can be daunting, especially if you’ve been out of the classroom for a while. Everyone’s situation is unique and whether the reason is financial or personal fulfilment, returning to or starting a degree requires strong commitment. It takes a fair amount of time and money and if you have a job and/or family, it requires a lot of management and organisation. Let’s look at some of the primary reasons people enter third level education.

Enhanced Career Prospects

Attaining a degree can open up a world of career opportunities. From gaining an entry level position to getting that promotion you have always wanted, an undergraduate degree may be the key to unlocking opportunities. Returning to education also demonstrates to employers that you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals, adapt to new situations, and manage your time efficiently. It further adds significantly to your resume/curriculum vitae (CV). A key point to consider - economic data shows that graduates earn higher salaries than non-graduates.

Confidence and Independence

Pursuing your interests and discovering your individual talents increases confidence and self-esteem. The sense of pride and achievement leads to increased confidence. Acquiring new skills and confidence can mean that learners are no longer as dependent on family members. Instead, many people become leaders within their own social circle, family, and community.

Personal Development

Gaining a higher education qualification can be an achievement in its own right. Maybe you feel you missed out the first time around and now is your moment to show the world – and yourself – what you're capable of? Or maybe the time wasn’t right for you but it is now…whatever the reasons, going back to school is a good decision and a step forward in your career development. If you wish to balance work and study, explore our part-time options for business degree programmes.

After graduation, many students feel that studying in college has changed and transformed their lives for the better and that they have undergone a large amount of personal change. 

Meeting Like Minded People

The people you meet during your college years will have a big impact. College exposes you to diverse people and opinions from vastly different backgrounds from around the world. Owing to your decision to choose the same course, you will spend time with people who share your interests. This will help to cement friendships that can go on to last a lifetime.

Interested? Tell me more….

At Galway Business School we offer internationally recognised undergraduate degree programmes complemented by a wide range of semester certificates programmes in business.

As an undergraduate student at GBS, you will be exposed to a variety of theoretical and practical subjects that will prepare you for the wider world of work. Interested in management? We provide modules that tackle business management, people and change management, human resource management and international financial management.

Perhaps your passion is technology with a business focus? You can take modules in computer applications, business information systems, and strategic information systems. Within these you will be exposed to lectures on cutting edge technologies such as analytics, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Maybe a subject like marketing is something that has always intrigued you? Modules are provided in marketing research, marketing management, and strategic management.

Whatever your particular interests, GBS provides a warm and welcoming environment with small class sizes, informed and patient lecturers and a friendly wider community. Students feel valued and well looked after and their personal and professional development is nurtured by the ongoing support received from the lecturers abd staff.

Sana Terada, Bachelor of Business (Hons) with International Business Graduate

I am so happy that I decided to study my degree at Galway Business School. I feel there are three key features of GBS that I think are very special:

  • Supportive people
  • Small class sizes
  • Multicultural environment

GBS is like a big family itself, classmates, lecturers, staff, and even directors are always there to support you. This is something you never experience in a huge university. Another feature would be the small class sizes which I feel is so beneficial. Lecturers can make sure that no one is falling behind, there are debates happening all the time, and you can always ask any questions at any point. As a result, it helps you to understand subjects much better. When you get more attention, you pay more attention. It's simple, isn't it?  Finally, GBS is such a multicultural environment. My classmates were all different nationalities from Asia to South America, and I think it makes you easy to see the world from different perspectives and to hear different opinions. My college life couldn't have been any better!

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