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A Guide to the Human Resources Career Path

People are the asset at the heart of all successful organisations, and that means human resources management is also at the heart of effective businesses and their strategies. There’s a lot more to the role than the obvious aspects of hiring and firing.

Posted by Mar
21 January 2021

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Why Computer Application Skills Are Vital in the Workplace

ICT skills aren’t just important at work, but in education, at home and in our everyday lives. Finding a document on the system or being able to troubleshoot an offline printer or dodgy internet access, basic computer literacy is vital for anyone.

Posted by Richard
05 January 2021

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What are Springboard courses?

Many of us have heard of Springboard courses by now, they are government-funded places on Higher education courses, but who are they for specifically, who’s eligible and what kind of courses are on offer?

Posted by GBS
12 November 2020

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