15 Things Undergraduate Students Should Know

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15 Things Undergraduate Students Should Know

Posted 09 April

I started my studies at GBS in 2009 and pursued the Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) in Business Management.  

Firstly, this school has some of the most informative, kind, caring and patient lecturers I have encountered, and this is particularly prevalent in a small-class environment. This allows the student to ask all the questions and get all the attention in the world you want, unlike state universities. Secondly, courses are validated by credible institutions such as QQI and therefore, graduates obtain a cutting edge degree. I got much more out of it than what I would expect from most undergraduate courses in Ireland.

15 Things Undergraduate Students Should Know

#1. Induction

Induction days for undergraduate courses in Ireland may seem pointless, however do NOT take these days off. Galway Business School offers induction days to ensure all new students know the facilities and support available throughout the campus. I speak from experience when I say missing these days will come back to bite you.  I left my induction day early and decided nine holes of golf would be much more beneficial!! However, I missed getting to know my class mates, how to use the printers, using important e-learning facilities and where to go if you have a problem. By the time I needed these things, I was far too embarrassed to ask - lesson learned!

#2. Find the balance

Find a balance between study and partying. Results are not everything, but they are important (we didn’t say it would be easy!). GBS offers loads of activities and trips every day for students. The pub nights are very popular!

Galway is a lively city with plenty of things to do

Galway is a lively city with plenty of things to do

 #3. Student card

Don't forget to use your student discount everywhere you can! Loads of companies in Galway offer student discounts if you flash your college ID. Also accept that you might not like your ID photo, but you will laugh at it later in life!

#4. Get to know GBS

Take advantage of anything free that the school offers. College can be a strenuous time on the wallet so it’s important to do things for free when you can. Free classes, free clubs, and free food — take it all! Galway Business School offers its students numerous little freebies throughout the year and it’s a shame to let them slip through your fingers!

#5. Ask questions 

If you need something while studying your bachelor’s, postgraduate or undergraduate diploma, don't put it off until things spiral out of control. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Galway Business School are always here to help so don’t be afraid to reach out to your lecturers, classmates or academic staff. They are always available to speak with you.

#6. Grow new habits

Learn to love coffee…you may need it!! Ozone Café in GBS provides wonderful Espresso’s, Short Macchiato, or Americanos to get you through your undergraduate diploma! 

Our coffee terrace

Our coffee terrace

#7. Save your work

When you're working on your assignment on your PC or Laptop, press save……A LOT. Back everything up, use Dropbox or Google Drive to ensure you don’t have to tell your lecturer “The dog ate my assignment”.

#8. Learn from your mistakes

At some point, you will receive a grade you’re not happy with. Take the feedback on-board and implement it in future assessments or exams.  Unlike many other undergraduate courses in Ireland, at Galway Business School our lecturers get to know each student in the classroom. Extensive feedback is offered to all students after their assignments and exams at Galway Business School. 

#9. Keep fit

Ensure you exercise between study sessions to clear your mind. Galway Business School is located on The Prom in Salthill which offers stunning views alongside its 2km-long seaside promenade running from the edge of the city along Salthill. Local tradition dictates 'kicking the wall' across from the diving boards (a 20- to 30-minute stroll from town) before turning around. 

Salthill Promenade

Salthill Promenade

#10. Guidance

Use the dedicated office hours! Spending time with lectures before or after class is no longer embarrassing. In fact, it may be what helps you in your next assignment or exam. All GBS lectures will inform you when these hours are scheduled.

#11. Be responsible

Just because you think you can skip most of your classes and get the PowerPoint presentations or notes online (Moodle), it doesn't mean that you should. Attendance is absolutely critical for success in your undergraduate diploma. The PowerPoint slides are only to guide you along the way and only cover a small portion of what we do in class. Another lesson Learned!

#12. Talk to us 

Check in with your Academic Coordinator/Registrar if you have any problems or questions during your undergraduate diploma. They are there to help you. The importance of communication is key.

#13. Be yourself

Remember, what works for one person might not necessarily work for you. Find your "spot" to study and grow to love it.  This will help when studying for important exams as it will feel comfortable and familiar. Routine is an important part of work and you need to recreate the same environment to keep you focused.

#14. Study Abroad Experience 

If you have the opportunity, study  abroad. A semester or year experiencing a different country and culture, away from everything you know, is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Galway Business School offers the opportunity to complete a year or even a semester aboard in Canada during your undergraduate diploma. Studying abroad will teach you a completely new way of life and culture and is too good an opportunity to pass up easily!

#15. Make connections

Because of the intimate setting of Galway Business School, it offers its students a boutique atmosphere and collaboration happens a lot more frequently than most undergraduate courses in Ireland. Networking will benefit both your personal and professional life.