Bicycles in Galway

Bicycles in Galway

Galway is a small city so getting around it can be easy. Many learners live in areas close to the school so cycling can be a fun and effective way of travelling to school or into the city centre.

Renting Bikes in Galway

If students would like to rent a bike during their stay in Galway we would recommend our preferred partners West Ireland Cycling who are situated in the Claddagh in Galway and only a short walk from GBS. 

What you will need

If you wish to rent a bike from West Ireland Cycles you will need a valid GBS student card and a passport or drivers licence. There needs to be a picture on at least one of these IDs.

The cost of renting a bike depends on how long you rent it for. One day rental is currently €8, two weeks is €30, while three months is €80. You are also required to leave a safety deposit of €50 per bike which will be returned to you if the bike comes back to West Ireland Cycles in the same condition as you received it.

Health & Safety

A lock and key will be provided to you when you rent your bike. It is important that you lock your bike at all times when it is left unattended.

Please remember in Ireland we drive on the left-hand side of the road, so keep on the left hand side when you are cycling. We would advise all our students to wear a helmet while cycling. Even though it is not mandatory in Ireland to wear a helmet, cycling can be dangerous and as a cyclist safety should be your top priority.

Furthermore, please ensure you always use lights and reflective clothing, such as hi-visibility vests and armbands while cycling at night time. A limited number of free hi-visibility vests are available from reception.  It is important to be seen by all people on the road. 

For a more detailed list of health and safety precautions, please visit RSA

Cycling around Ireland

If you would like to discover Ireland on your bicycle there are some very scenic and breath-taking cycling routes available to you. Route You and Trailbadger are great websites that will inspire you to start that journey and go for it.